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Character name:  Federico Auditore


Series:  Assassin’s Creed II

Current date:  7/29/2011

Roleplay sample:  The pieces clicked on the wooden surface of the chessboard.  Other than that, it was silent in the Palazzo Auditore.  Federico leaned forward, a smirk on his lips.  Ezio was getting frustrated; it was obvious.  As the younger male reached forward to forfeit, Federico said, “Remember what father told you, fratellino.  You must anticipate your opponent’s moves.”

Ezio withdrew his hand.  Good, thought Federico, examining his brother’s face carefully as he plotted his next move.  The eldest child of the Auditore family was still five steps ahead, though, and in a move that Ezio clearly had not foreseen, he had him in checkmate.

“Nice try, fratellino,” Federico said, grinning.  “Now, about that bottle of wine you promised me.”

Loooooking good. c:

I’ll go ahead and add you now!

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